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Team Synergy

Your business provider of mobile-based team dynamics that will inject original techniques to  boost team development and performance

Our platform solution allow the execution of team bonding activities using mobile technology and the integrating of information to broaden groups’ perspectives.  This results in highly collaboration and entertaining experiences

We provide a featured activity “Color Traits”.  This interactive solution is sustained by a clear methodology (handbook), supporting materials, and the technology platform that enables its execution

The Traits in Action technology platform provides administrative tools for activity set-up and customization, as well as mobile interface at individual and group level.

The activities may be adjusted depending on specific needs, including the execution of virtual team activities

System Solutions

Our Pillars



We develop creative and comprehensive products to support uplifting team collaboration



We provide agile administration systems and user-friendly mobile interface solutions to facilitate team interaction



We adjust to our partner business needs in a cost-effective manner

Our Technical Leads

Traits in Action
  • No application download is required.  Users simply connect to ‘TIA platform’ web address to enter to a Team Activity.

  • Any mobile device can act as controller.

  • Robust worldwide connection platform. Our platform works in any browser and resolution.

  • We provide a friendly interface systems for activity set-up and for activity facilitation.

  • Interactive data. Data generated by participants or teams is dynamically used to generate real interaction.